Putin's posse is ready to roll on menacing new motorcycles

Putin may have just one-upped Trump in their automotive arms race.

The two superpower presidents each have a new limousine along the way. Trump should be getting his Cadillac soon, while Putin has already taken a ride in a prototype of the new, Russian-made Kortezh that will soon replace his Mercedes-Benz.

But how cool can a car really be without a bunch of motorcycles surrounding it?


Putin is often accompanied by a pack of Presidential Security Service officers riding bikes, and now they’re set to get appropriately menacing ones built by Kalashnikov, no less.


The arms-maker has diversified in recent years, and has developed a 1,100-pound cruiser with Judge Dredd styling and a top speed of 155 mph, according to RT.


It’s set to be built under the Izh brand and, like Putin’s limo, will be offered in a civilian version for sale, possibly as soon as next year.