Polaris ATV with airless tires hits the road

The war on compressed air is heading to the home front.

Polaris has introduced a civilian version of the MV850 ATV it supplies to U.S. Special Forces.

The Sportsman WV850 H.O.  features a 77 hp 850 cc engine, military grade transmission, front and rear cargo racks with a total capacity of 600 lbs, extra wide work boot-size foot wells, a 1,500 lb tow hitch and 3,000 pound winch, power steering, hill descent control, an 11.75 gallon tank, and Polaris’ unique TerrainArmor airless tires, an industry first.

The non-pneumatic “tires” (NPTs) are comprised of a tread band supported by a polymeric web in place of an air-filled carcass. According to Polaris, they can withstand a direct hit from a .50 caliber round, or a railroad spike-size puncture and continue for hundreds of miles without failing.

With a starting price of $14,999, the WV850 H.O. sits atop the Polaris ATV lineup and is primarily marketed as a work ATV, but would almost guarantee that you’ll make it back from your next deep woods hunting excursion and may be the perfect addition for your doomsday BOL. That’s “bug-out location” to you unprepared types.

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    The WV850 H.O. hits dealers in December in limited quantities, but Polaris is developing the NPTs for use on other vehicles.

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