Pininfarina gives the humble tractor the Ferrari look

Pininfarina, the Italian design house whose work for Ferrari has resulted in some of the most spectacular looking supercars in the world, has ploughed its resources into designing a tractor that would look as comfortable on the drag strip as it would turning over soil in the top field.

Designed for Zetor, a Czech manufacturer of tractors, the Zetor by Pininfarina is a concept for a new generation of workhorse that cuts a dash as well as it hauls a trailer full of turnips. It was revealed yesterday at Agritechnica 2015, an agricultural trade show held in Hanover, Germany.


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The tractor's sculpted red bodywork and wheels, with contrasting tinted windows and black chassis, are likely to catch the interest of farmers bored with the usual green and yellow tractor colors.

Details of the technical configuration of this concept tractor are limited. Fabio Filippini, Pininfarina's design chief, described it as “a tractor with brand-new styling that expresses the strength and durability of Zetor machines in a way that also communicates emotion and passion."

He could just have said, “We’ve made the tractor look cool.”