Nissan's magic mirror reveals all

Ever wish your back seat passengers would just disappear?

Well, Nissan has developed new technology that can do just that.

Sort of.

It’s called the Smart rearview mirror, and at the push of a button it toggles between a conventional reflective surface and a video display embedded within it that perfectly, um, mirrors the image, while skipping over all of the in-car clutter between you and the rear window.

A camera mounted at the back of the vehicle provides the video feed without any wide-angle distortion, and can also enhance the image in poor weather conditions, according to Nissan.

A number of accessories companies and automakers already offer small backup camera displays integrated into the rearview mirror, but Nissan’s is the first that’s designed to be used while driving forward.

The Smart rearview mirror will make its debut in the electric ZEOD RC racing car Nissan is entering in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans, and will enter production next year.

Unlike what’s behind the folks in the kind of cheesy video demonstration below, exactly what countries it will be offered in has yet to be revealed.