Newest surplus military Humvee yet up for auction

The U.S. Military started selling surplus Humvees to the public in December, and so far the trucks have proved to be popular.

Dozens of the military machines have been auctioned off through since then for prices as high as $41,000, even though they’re for off-road use only and not street legal as delivered. Most of them are decades old, dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, but one of the freshest Humvees yet is about to cross the block.

The 2008 cargo/troop carrier model has just 3,171 miles on its odometer, and is fully functional with no major issues, according to its inspection sheet. The operational history of the vehicle is not provided, but it has a badge on the dashboard indicating that it went through a refurbishment program carried out by the West Virginia National Guard a few years ago. The vehicle is located in Pennsylvania, and needs to be picked up by the winning bidder, but the auction itself takes place online Jan 21st.

If you lose this one, don’t worry, there’s another 2008 model coming up at the next auction in Kentucky on Jan 28th. However, the government has about 4,000 more Humvees on deck, so there could be plenty of more gems on the way.