New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible opens up

Volkswagen made a concerted effort to "man up" it's latest Beetle by giving a tougher, more masculine look, but once you take the top off all bets are off too.

The 2013 Beetle Convertible has been revealed ahead of its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November and its as cute as a bug in a

That top is ready to drop in just 10 seconds, and covers things up just as quickly. When down it stacks lower than previous Beetle Convertibles, likely offering a better view out the back. Pop up roll bars behind the rears seats make up for the lack of a roof if the car turns turtle.

Engine choices include the regular Beetle lineup of a 2.5-liter four cylinder, high-performance 200 hp turbo and a 41 mpg diesel, making this the only oil burning convertible you can buy. Luckily its a clean diesel as top down motoring is less fun when you're followed everywhere by a cloud of black smoke.

Pricing has not been announced, but the Beetle Convertibles go on sale late this year, just in time for Winter!