Motorcyclist sets speed record on #WallOfDeath

Guy Martin is a 34-year-old English tractor-trailer mechanic, who has also built a name in motorcycle racing.

However, Martin hasn’t built his following just by competing in prestigious motorcycle road race events such as the Ulster GP, Northwest 200, and the Isle of Man TT, but also by appearing on TV shows in which he has attempted to break a wide variety of records, including the fastest speed in a soapbox racer and the record for riding a motorbike on water.

Now, we can add to that list of records: Fastest speed attained while riding the world’s biggest wall of death: 78.15 mph.

Forces of over 5Gs were exerted on Martin as he performed the stunt, which was televised live in England at the time. With the greatest speed to date being around 60 mph, there were a lot of concerns for Martin’s safety before the stunt was performed.

Among the concerns from the stunt organizers were that the forces alone would cause Martin to pass out, while they also had to make sure that the wall would be strong enough to hold up to the extreme forces.

The bike Martin was riding was a Triumph that he had built himself, which also seemed to hold up pretty well as the Brit rode around the wall, which had a diameter of over 130 feet and a circumference of over 380 feet.

Although everyone watching was impressed with Martin’s attempt, it is obvious at the end of the video that he wanted to do one more run, just to see if he could break the 80 mph barrier.

Martin will not be returning to the Isle of Man TT in 2016, leading us to wonder what he’s going to do next…

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