A daredevil rider has defied gravity by keeping his motorbike on two wheels after hitting a pothole at 130mph.

The miraculous and terrifying moment was captured on camera by a fellow rider on the U.S. motorway.

The bike was reportedly travelling at 130 mph when he hit a pothole and got "the wobbles".

The front tire is sent spinning left and right as the rider desperately tries to regain control.

The video shows his arms clamped to the handlebars, moving frantically to stop the wheels bucking.

Terrifyingly, the rider isn't in leathers and is just wearing a T-shirt, trousers and sneakers meaning any accident could've been fatal.

Fortunately he was wearing a helmet - if only to hide his no doubt terrified face.

Even worse is that the whole near-miss is played out surrounded by other traffic.

At one point the rider has one leg off the bike as he wrestles to stay upright and keep his balance.

And after an epic battle, the ordeal is over some 30 seconds later.

The most definitely exhausted rider then pulls into the inside lane and slows down to recover his senses.

The advice on how to cure wobbles varies from expert to expert.

Science says accelerating and leaning back should help - but try telling someone to speed up when they're moments away from a crash.