He picked the wrong day to not drive 55 mph.

A North Dakota man was arrested during a speeding enforcement blitz in July after leading police on a chase that reached 155 mph.

The Twin Cities Pioneer Press reports that police spotted Dustyn Lee Galbreath and another rider as they passed a patrol car in a no-passing zone on a two-lane rural road in Minnesota with a 55 mph limit. Galbreath then did a wheelie as he sped off.

Several police vehicles joined in the pursuit that followed, which covered nearly 30 miles. At one point, the two motorcycles were reported running a stop sign in the town of Downer by a police officer, then continued through neighboring Sabin. Eventually, Galbreath pulled into an antique shop parking lot in Moorhead, and got off his bike.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office complaint says Galbreath resisted arrest and had a blood alcohol level of .04, which is under the state’s .08 limit. There’s no word yet on the whereabouts or identity of the other rider.

Getting caught speeding in Minnesota at over 100 mph (let alone 100 mph over the limit,) carries maximum penalties of 1 $1,000 fine, 90 days in prison and a six month license suspension.