What’s better than a survival vehicle that doesn’t need gas, but is happy to burn it when you can get your hands on some?

Motorized bicycle builder Motoped has unveiled the new Black Ops edition of its Kickstarter-funded creation.

The company builds downhill mountain-bike style moped kits that buyers add their own engines to -- preferably a four-stroke Honda 50cc -- to create an on and off-roader that uses a unique pedaling system and rear suspension that allows for tons of wheel travel without the chain going slack.

The Black Ops features a naked frame design, military-green gas tank, of course, rear rack, and a list of accessories that includes a pair of one gallon gas packs, LED lighting system, tactical shovel, climbing rope, a selection of survival knives and even a Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow that mounts to the bike.

Pricing on the Black Ops model has not yet been announced, but a full Motoped chassis sells for $1,995 without drivetrain.