Does Lynda Carter need a new car? If so, she might want to check out this one.

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its upcoming 2012 SLK roadster, which will offer a partially transparent roof. It is the first of its kind and opens up the (slim) possibility that Wonder Woman could one day buy an invisible car to go with her jet.

The section of the roof on the SLK that is positioned directly over the passengers is equipped with a glass panel that has been embedded with light-blocking crystals. By controlling an electric current flowing through the glass, the crystals can be activated, causing the retractable hard-top to become opaque or transparent with the touch of a button. Know as MAGIC SKY CONTROL, the option is expected to cost approximately $3,000 when the two-seater goes on sale this summer and should find its way into other Mercedes-Benz automobiles in the coming years.

Click here to watch a video of MAGIC SKY CONTROL in action

Even when the entire top is down, the SLK features a number of “virtual roof” options to make the experience more pleasant, including AIRSCARF, which uses fans built into the tops of the seats to blow warm air down over the shoulders of the passengers, making it possible to keep the top down in cold temperatures. Deployable panels behind the seats help direct the flow of oncoming air over the top of the cabin to reduce turbulence.

Pricing for the new SLK has not been announced, but the model that it replaces starts at $48,525.

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