Massachusetts police stop car with massive Christmas tree on top

We're not sure if this car went over a river, but it looks like it took the woods with it.

Police in Sudbury, Mass., posted an image to Facebook of a car they stopped on the day after Thanksgiving with an enormous Christmas tree on its roof that appears to be poorly secured.

The unwrapped evergreen dwarfs the Mazda5 minivan it's strapped to, hanging over the sides and the rear, blocking the windows and obscuring the license plate.

Police haven't said if the unidentified driver was cited for any offenses, but took the opportunity to remind people to "transport your Holiday trees responsibly."

According to AAA, each year about 20 million people don't follow this advice and improperly secure trees to their cars, posing a danger to themselves and others. Here are a few tips from the organization to do so:

-Use a vehicle with a roof rack, pickup, or a van or SUV that the tree will fit completely inside of.

-Tie it down with quality rope or ratchet straps, not the twine the tree lot provides.

-Have the tree wrapped in netting before you put it on your vehicle.

-Make sure the trunk of the tree is facing forward.

-Tug on it to make sure its secure it before you take off.

-Drive as slowly as possible.