Man in van attempts high speed phone number handoff

Talk about making a pass.

A British plumber attempted a very dangerous liaison when he tried to hand his phone number to a car full of women next to his van…while driving 70 mph.

Sophie Becks filmed the incident from the backseat and told the North Devon Journal that the van “overtook us twice and then slowed so we had to overtake it as well. Then we could see in the back car window he was flipping his business card in his hand.

"He then pulled over next to us and told us to open the window and in the middle of the motorway he gave my friend his business card with his number on it. He was a plumber.

"At the start we did not know what he was doing. But when we realized, we were all hysterically laughing and did not know what to do."

Becks said that her friend who received the card looked the man up on Facebook later, but wasn’t interested in following up.