The Razor Crazy Kart is an oh-so-cool toy that lets you live out your drifting fantasies. It's not easy, of course, as the kart takes a bit of practice to get used to. That doesn't mean there are folks who are already pretty amazing with respect to their kart control skills. At the top of the list is Ali Kermani... otherwise known as Ken Box.

You should remember that name from last year. Kermani created a parody of Ken Block by way of a Gymkhana style video all done on the Crazy Kart. The result was excellent, and our desire for a Crazy Kart rose ten-fold.

Now Ken Box is back because... well, it's nearly toy-buying season, but also because Ken Box 2.0 is ready for your eye holes to enjoy. Kermani and crew have seriously upped the ante with the latest video. The Crazy Kart skills are on full display. It's not just the level of driving though, as the quality of the video is equally top notch.

Sit back at your desk, turn on your speakers, and press play. You know you're already done with focusing on any work you hoped to finish up before the holiday.