Ken Block says it’s the most frightening thing he’s ever driven. “A mind-numbing, crazy experience,” in fact.

Considering the litany of race and stunt cars he’s been in, that says a lot.

14879ffb-hoonicorn v2

(Hoonigan Racing)

He’s talking about the Hoonicorn V2 -- a 1965 Ford Mustang with a 1,400 hp engine under, and sticking out of the hood.

The custom, all-wheel-drive, carbon fiber-bodied take on the classic muscle car is an updated version of the original Hoonicorn that Block used to lay rubber all over Los Angeles in his "Gymkhana 7" video.

f498829f-hoonicorn v2

(Hoonigan Racing)

That one only had 845 hp, so to turn up the crazy, he had his Hoonigan Racing crew strap a couple of turbos to its 410 cubic inch Ford Racing V8, crank up the boost to 21 psi, and convert it to burn methanol, some of which ends of as fire spitting out of the hood-exiting dual exhausts.

He had it built for a new, still-secret film that will be revealed in a few days. In the meantime, you can take a walk around this wild creation with Block in a video he posted to Facebook.