It’s fast and furious, but only when you want it to be.

The Kawasaki J Concept is designed to transform from a low-slung mountain road sport bike into an upright cruiser better suited to the urban grind.

Using a hinge located beneath the seat, the Concept J can lengthen and shorten its wheelbase while simultaneously adjusting the width between its two front wheels.

In sport mode, the wheels are tucked closely together as the rider leans forward in the classic sport bike tuck, then spread apart for low-speed stability as the seat adjusts into a more upright position. Two closely-spaced wheels in the rear stay fixed throughout.

In either mode, the Concept J’s suspension is designed to allow it to lean into turns in much the same way today’s Piaggio MP3 scooter does, despite the Kawasaki having four wheels.

Fitting of its futuristic looks, it’s electric and powered by the new Gigacell nickel-hydride battery developed for transportation applications by Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Unfortunately for motorcycle riders getting bored with Kawasaki’s 186 mph Ninjas, the Concept J isn’t intended for production, although some of its styling cues, and possibly that electric drivetrain, could be on the streets in two-wheel form in the near future.

We just can't wait to see what Concept K looks like.