A shocked Jeremy Clarkson was kicked off a flight by an airport worker who crowed “I’m from Argentina so f*** you!” in a tirade over the Falklands.

The TV star, 56, was due to fly home with pals James May and Richard Hammond when check-in agent Manuel Pereira stopped them boarding.

They reported him to police in Stuttgart, Germany.

Jeremy, caught up in a diplomatic row with Argentina over a Falklands number plate in a Top Gear episode, said: “He’s a stupid, bitter and twisted little man.”

Clarkson vowed revenge last night on the “ignorant little worm” who he says stopped him from getting his flight home.

The TV presenter called for Stuttgart Airport worker Manuel Pereira’s arrest after he ranted: “F*** you!”

Clarkson fumed: “This ignorant little worm made us miss our plane and he will pay for it.

“The police said it was a hate crime and he would be arrested. Yes, even the Germans were 100 per cent on our side — for once.”

Clarkson, Hammond and May were waiting to go home on Monday night after filming their new Grand Tour show.

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