In case you were wondering, the world record for the longest corkscrew jump (where the car launches from an angled ramp and rotates 360-degrees in mid air) used to be less than 92 feet. We know this for a fact, since Hot Wheels just set a new world record at a distance of 92 feet.

We’re not talking about a scale distance, with Hot Wheels toy cars, either. Instead, driver Brent Fletcher jumped a specially-prepared off-road buggy from an angled ramp, sticking the landing on the left rear wheel after completing a full rotation in flight.

Another five feet of distance, though, and things may not have gone quite as planned. We can’t imagine the loads absorbed by the left rear suspension, but we’re pretty sure the buggy will need some wrenching prior to its next stunt.

Not than many of you have access to an abandoned airfield, an off-road-racing buggy and enough steel and wood to construct the appropriate ramp, but we’ll pass along the warning anyway: don’t even think about trying a stunt like this at home. There's some serious math involved in calculating approach speeds, departure angles and landing ramp position, so "just winging it" is a sure way to wind up in your local emergency room.

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