He may have a sixth sense, but Haley Joel Osment can’t find sixth gear.

The actor, who burst onto the Hollywood scene as the 11-year-old co-star of 1999’s ‘The Sixth Sense,’ had one of the most embarrassing moments ever as a guest star on BBC America’s ‘Top Gear America.’

Appearing on the season’s fourth episode, Osment hit the track in a Honda Civic Hatch for one of the program’s signature celebrity laps. Unfortunately, the show’s Honda has a manual transmission and Osment said he hadn’t driven with a stick in years, despite having learned how as a youth on his dad’s 1960 Ford F-250.


Osment took a few practice laps off camera, but they didn’t do him much good. On the official attempt he immediately stalled the car as the clock started, but was given a second chance to redeem himself.

Things looked more promising on the redo, until he couldn’t figure out how to shift into second gear. He drove around the SpeedVegas circuit in first with the engine making a painful sound as it bounced off the rev limiter the entire way.

Well, not all the way. The car broke down short of the finish, so the show’s hosts had to run out to push him across the line.

Osment laughed the whole thing off, but no doubt wishes he had the ability to travel through time like his latest character, Dr. Stu Camillio on Hulu’s “Future Man."