Critics and pundits beware: General Motors is listening to what you say, and now it has its own soapbox to talk back.

The automaker’s head of communications, Selim Bingol, has launched a new blog that will be used to “to share our views on news and topics of interest affecting General Motors.”

Citing the amount of interest and debate surrounding GM since its government bailout, Bingol writes that the blog, called btw, “is here to provide our perspectives during those times when the debate creates more heat than light.”

The first entry, titled “We Did Not Engineer the Volt to Be a Political Punching Bag,” takes on Newt Gingrich’s recent assertion that “you can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.”

Btw’s response is that “actually, you can.  But the real question is “Why would you?”

The post goes on to explain how the Volt is the only electric car that can also be driven across country even after the battery is depleted, but that “if you are looking for a vehicle for your next hunting trip, it may not be your first choice.

(It’s also not the only electric car with an extended range capability, the Fisker Karma works in the same fashion and uses a 4-cylinder generator supplied by GM.)

Nevertheless, Bingol’s welcome note closes by saying “I look forward to the dialogue. Enjoy the ride!”

Surely, it won’t be a dull one.

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