Ford's new big rig keeps it in the family

Even your Ford’s distant, and gigantic cousins have a family resemblance.

Ford has unveiled its new Cargo tractor, and the modern, cab-over big rig features a familiar face. Front and center among its boxy, two-tone body work is an industrial-strength version of the automaker’s now signature hexagonal grill.

Ford calls it the Superman grille on the high-performance Taurus SHO, which leaves us without a superlative to describe appropriately the one on the Cargo. (Who's more awesome than Superman?) A 10.3-liter straight-6 turbodiesel engine with 1,500 lb-ft of torque resides behind it, so it's got the stuff to back it up.

Part of Ford's globalization strategy, the truck is aimed at the Eastern European and South American markets and is being introduced in Brazil this week, with a Turkey debut to follow.

There’s something very Transformer-y about how it looks, and how about all those round head and fog lights? But don’t hold out hope for parking one of these next to your Fiesta, at least not in the United States.

According to Autoblog, Ford has no plans to offer the Cargo in the U.S., where it currently doesn’t sell semis. So if you want to go big you’ll have to settle for an F-750.

Plus, it’s got a six-sided grille. As if that was a surprise.