Ford dealers to sell parts for other brand vehicles

Ford's dealership network will soon begin selling parts for vehicles made by the Blue Oval brand's direct rivals.

Set to be marketed through the Omnicraft brand, which complements Ford's existing Motorcraft parts division. Omnicraft won't be selling very specific parts—like, say cilmate control switches or wheels—but it will offer items like brake pads, brake rotors, air filters, oil filters, and alternators. These typical wear and maintenance parts might be offered on a wide range of competitive products. For instance, a Toyota Camry brake pad may also be shared with a Lexus ES 350. That kind of economy of scale makes more sense than creating parts just for lower production vehicles like, say, a Subaru BRZ.


Initially, Ford says it will make about 1,500 different parts under the Omnicraft label, but that could grow to upwards of 10,000 as Ford begins to work into more obscure parts specifications.

Omnicraft parts will be sold at Ford dealers, something the automaker hopes means will increase the number of non-Ford products being worked on in its retail outlet service areas.

Ford is optimistic that its dealers will be able to boost profits as margins on new cars continue to shrink.

The move will allow Ford dealers to compete more directly with national service outlets like Pep Boys and Firestone.