Flat-pack truck will last 100 years claims automaker

Forget the flowing lines of an Aston Martin or the luxury of a Rolls-Royce - this is the new kid on the block.

The boxy Partisan One might just be one of the most basic and ugliest cars ever.

The warzone ready SUV is limited to a steering wheel, pedals, lights and seats - and yet you'll still need to part with £44,000 for the privilege.

(Partisan Motors)

But don't worry, you do get a 100 year warranty because the German firm reckons it's THAT indestructible - presumably because there's so little to actually break.

Kia's market leading seven year warranty suddenly looks a little inadequate.

The scaffold-inspired Partisan One is delivered in lightweight assembly kits - think Ikea at war.

(Partisan Motors)

It's the brainchild of Russian engineer Dr Juri Postnikov and is expected to live life on the battlefield.

It can be dropped into any warzone and withstand barrages in the harshest conditions.

Circular holes around the exterior let you bolt on armour plating - and there's even an option to strap on V-shape armour under the chassis to deflect roadside bombs.

"Designers" claim the SUV is meant to stand out against its pretty rivals with right angles replacing rooflines.

Because it lacks any style or complicated panels, it can be produced quickly and cheaply.

Plus you can stick in whatever engine you want - including electric power - although a 2.8-litre Fiat diesel is standard.

A huge fuel tank means you can drive almost 1,000 miles without needing to head to a petrol station, too.

There are three and five-door versions, while six wheel and eight-wheel drive models could be produced in the future.