The “Blue Devil” has been detailed.

One of eight Chevrolet Corvettes damaged when a sinkhole opened up inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., in February is all fixed up and ready to return.

General Motors brought the car back to HQ for repairs. Although it suffered the least damage of the vehicles that were swallowed up by the 30-foot-deep hole, the blue 2009 ZR1protoype still needed a fair amount of work.

Several body panels, the right side rocker panel and windshield were replaced, along with its bent rear control arms and cracked oil lines.

The work took six weeks at the General Motors Heritage Center, which is also restoring a 1992 convertible that was the 1-millionth Corvette built. Chevy is also paying for repairs to a 1962 Corvette that will be handled by the museum, which is a privately-funded organization.

The other five cars recovered from the sinkhole will be preserved and displayed in their current condition.