Fiat offering in-car espresso maker in new crossover

This ought to speed up your commute.

Fiat will be offering an in-car espresso maker in its upcoming crossover, the 500L.

The “Coffee Experience” kit is from Lavazza and comes with a set of car coffee cups, spoon holder and the espresso machine, which is a coffee pod-based device that clips into a base installed into a cup holder just behind the front seats and boils water to infuse the grounds, just like a stove-top maker.

It is the first accessory of its kind offered by an automaker.

The 500L is a five-door compact about the size of a Mini Cooper Countryman, and will be joining the standard 500 in Fiat showrooms in U.S. next year.

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    Alas, a Fiat spokesperson tells he is not aware of any plans to bring the espresso machine to America, but the company does offer a Fiat branded espresso cup and saucer you can use before setting out for work, and a selection of stainless steel tumblers for the road.

    Really not the same thing, is it?

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