Ferrari abandoned on London street for two years finally gets the boot

It was once the fastest four-seat car in the world, but it hasn’t moved in a long time.

A 1990s-vitange Ferrari abandoned on a London street for the past two years has finally been booted by the local council and could be towed away soon, The Sun reports.

The registration for the 456 coupe ran out in April 2015 and it has reportedly been sitting in front of 39 Hans place, just a block from the ritzy Harrod’s department store, ever since.

The once-very supercar hasn’t been moved in so long that it appears on Google Street View and the street around it is turning green. It’s also been the victim of vandals, who’ve stolen one of its logos, broken a mirror, and drawn filthy images in the dirt covering it.

If you’re the owner and forgot where you parked it, good news! Just don’t forget to bring your checkbook when you go to pick it up.