F1 champion Fernando Alonso rolls truck, keeps going during Dakar Rally

Don’t stop him now.

Two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso took a wild ride in the Saudi Arabian desert on Wednesday, when he crested a giant dune sideways in his Toyota racing truck during the Dakar Rally, rolling it twice on the way to the bottom. Then he just kept going.

Competing in the two-week cross-country event for the first time, Alonso took just a moment to collect himself before getting back on the gas and blasting off to finish the stage, despite losing the windshield in the crash.

The Spaniard and his teammate, Dakar veteran Marc Coma, ended the day in 14th position in their class, 68 minutes behind the leader, but moved into 13th on Thursday with one stage remaining.

On Sunday, motorcycle racer Paulo Goncalves competing in the Dakar Rally died from injuries suffered in a crash. The 40-year-old was competing in the race for the 13th time.