When an automaker sells a car from the factory that looks like a Transformer it’s pretty hard to outdo it on the outrageous meter, but not impossible.

Tampa, Florida-based 813 Customs has created what may be the most controversial modified Chevrolet Camaro ever built. Think Lady Gaga, but with 30-inch wheels instead of stilettos.

The King ZL1 is actually a Camaro SS convertible that’s been spiced up with Camaro ZL1-style parts painted gold and green as a tribute to the University of South Florida, while the interior has been gutted and fitted with a custom dashboard and a stereo system with six speakers…in each door! Plus plenty more where that came from.

There’s also a tablet built into the dash, a flip over gauge cluster and not one, but three flat screen TVs that rise up and deploy from behind the rear seats.

Reaction to the car on the internet has been spirited, to say the least. Comments on the company’s own Facebook page range from “I'd buy it just to crush it and put it out of its misery” to “gr8 job 813. dreams become reality keep dreaming BIG.”

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    So what's your take? Is the King ZL1 a turkey or a treat?