Driver says bird caused him to crash fuel tanker into powerlines, but video doesn't back him up

Police in Massachusetts say they have found no evidence to support the claims of a 63-year-old truck driver who says a bird flew into his vehicle and hit him in the head, causing him to crash into a utility pole and bring down powerlines in a shower of sparks.

Dramatic video captured by a following motorist’s dash cam shows the truck -- which was carrying 12,000 gallons of gasoline through the town of Bourne -- passing a car, slowly veering off of the pavement, smashing into a fire hydrant and the wooden pole, then being steered back across the road where it comes to a stop.

What police say they don’t see in the high definition video is a bird anywhere near the truck, or the vehicle suddenly swerving toward the pole as described by the driver.

There were no injuries, and no other vehicles were damaged in the incident.

Bourne police have now charged the driver with Failure to Stay Within Marked Lanes and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.