If you’re a motorsports fan, doing a lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife should be on your bucket list.

Of course, some people understandably would never want to risk wrecking their pride and joy on the high-speed German track, which is open to the public on days when there is no racing action.

For those individuals, there are rental car services nearby that will let you take one of their cars out for a spin.

However, getting used a new car while driving it on a racetrack nicknamed the “Green Hell” isn’t always the best of ideas.

The driver of this Suzuki Swift found that out the hard way earlier this month as he went off course and hit the wall entering Foxhole. The car bounced back across the circuit, hitting a wall a second time, almost turning the car over. Fortunately, the Swift landed back on all four wheels and nobody was injured in the incident.

The car behind the Swift also caught the incident on camera: