Drag racers push their broken-down bikes to the finish in wild race

Ever wondered how cavemen drag raced?

Well wonder no more, as Maurice Allen and Ryan Learmonth may have just discovered the answer. Both bikers were forced to take to their feet and push their motorcycles down the drag strip during the Thunder 400 in the Australian Professional Drag Racing Series after both of their machines broke down.

Web Buzz News shared the incredible video in late February in which, once the lights go green, both Allen and Learmonth struggle to get off the line.

Learmonth then comes up with the brilliant idea of running his bike down the track but, unfortunately for him, Allen is already far ahead by this point, and so had a head-start for the quarter-mile marathon.

Allen crosses the line first to take the win, although he was probably too exhausted to get back on the bike after that.

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