Data shows motorcycle racer Salom hit brakes later than usual in fatal crash

Rider error was to blame in the death of Moto2 rider Luis Salom at the Grand Prix of Catalunya on June 3rd.

According to his team, telemetry data from the motorcycle indicates that Salom braked about 30 feet later than usual as he was entering the fast Turn 12 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya during practice, then hit a bump and lost control.

The Spaniard was apparently trying to make up time after exiting the previous turn slower than usual.

The 24-year-old Salom died on Friday after colliding into a safety barrier in practice. The incident prompted race officials to change the track layout for the rest of the weekend, adding a chicane before the fast right-handed Turn 12 where Salom lost his life.

Riders in all three categories on Sunday dedicated their victories to Salom.

After a "comprehensive analysis" of the telemetry data from Salom's bike, the team said he was 6 kph slower than he was in his fastest lap when arriving at Turn 12, forcing him to hit the brakes later "to maintain a proper corner speed," the team said.

But by being late, he was still on the brakes when he went over the bump outside the usual braking zone, "as opposed (to) the previous laps where he already had released the brakes on that spot," the team said in a statement.

Salom was able to match the speed of his previous best lap by delaying his braking point entering the corner, but that made him lose grip on the front tire right while going over the bump, the team said.

"That grip lost produced the crash with the tragic outcome," it said.

After losing control of his bike, Salom slid hard into the protective barrier across the short escape area outside Turn 12, and appeared to collide with his bike.

He went into cardiac arrest, and received CPR for 18 minutes at trackside. His treatment continued for 40 minutes as he was transported to a hospital, and he died about another 45 minutes later under surgery.

The Associated Press contributed to this report