Dale Earnhardt Jr. once got Jeff Gordon out of a ticket

Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t just fast driver, he’s also a sweet-talker.

Former teammate Jeff Gordon was on Earnhardt’s podcast this week and shared a story about how NASCAR’s 15-time most popular driver award winner got him out of a parking ticket once, according to NBC Sports.

It happened in 2007 just after Gordon learned that Earnhardt was going to be joining him at Hendrick Motorsports the following season.

Gordon was driving in his car when he heard the news and decided to give Earnhardt a call to welcome him to the team, even though he didn’t have a hands-free phone as the law required.

“All of a sudden I’ve got blue lights in my rear window,” Gordon said.

“I wasn’t sure if I should stay on the phone with Dale or not. But I said, ‘No, no. Stay on here, I may need you.’”

When the officer approached the car, he not only told Gordon he wasn’t supposed to be using his phone, but also that he was speeding.

Gordon apologized and then asked him “You don’t happen to be a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, are you?”

He was, so Gordon handed him the phone and Earnhardt convinced the officer to let him go.

Earnhardt told Gordon on the podcast that he was just trying to make a great impression with his new teammate.

“He made the greatest impression on me!” said Gordon.