It looks like the Grinch is still cool with Christmas, but watch out for him a week later.

According to a new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Christmas Day saw the fewest reported stolen vehicles of any major holiday last year at 1,548, while New Year’s Day was the worst with 2,469. Honest Abe would likely be sad to hear that the second most vehicles, 2,312, were stolen on President’s Day, but the third-place tally of 2,297 snagged on Halloween seems less of a surprise.

Memorial Day rounded out the top four with 2,290, but, on the bright side, the rest of the holidays came in under the daily average of 2,228.

Here’s the full list to factor into your holiday planning:

1. New Year’s Day (2,469)
2. Presidents’ Day (2,312)
3. Halloween (2,297)
4. Memorial Day (2,290)
5. Labor Day (2,180)
6. Valentine’s Day (2,169)
7. Independence Day (2,124)
8. New Year’s Eve (1,962)
9. Christmas Eve (1,737)
10. Thanksgiving (1,682)
11. Christmas Day (1,548)