We’ve heard of a cow-catcher on a train, but a coyote catcher on a Camry? That’s a new one.

A Canadian woman who hit a coyote with her Toyota in Airdrie, Alberta, and just kept going got a big surprise when she stopped for a traffic light in Calgary 20 miles later.

Georgie Knox wrote on Facebook that a woman came over to her car to tell her there was a Coyote stuck in the grille. Sure enough, when she got out to look, there it was scrunched in the broken plastic “looking up and blinking” at her.

She said she called Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, who removed the Coyote from the car. An agency spokesman confirmed the account to Fox News, and said the animal was largely unharmed. The officers then released it on public land in the nearby town of Kananaskis, posting video of its return to the wild.