A millionaire supercar dealer once featured on a British TV show has lost his license after crashing a $250,000 Ferrari 458 Italia into a Porsche 718 Cayman during a street race.


Carl Hartley received a nine-month suspended jail sentence, 200 hours of community service, a two-year driving ban and $1,800 in fines and fees in court this week following an early admission of dangerous driving, British news agency SWNS reported.

Hartley co-owns and operates a dealership named after his father, Tom Hartley, which was featured in the 2015 documentary “First Cut – Supercars: the Million Pound Motors.” He once posted a photo to his Instagram account of him being pulled over by police in a Bugatti that he captioned “Policeman: 'Do you know why I pulled you over?' Carl: 'Because I LET YOU!'”

The crash took place on a traffic circle in Sheffield in 2018, and both Hartley and the other driver, Henry James Hibbs, fled the scene. Hartley later came forward as the driver and said that his brakes had failed, but an investigation determined there was no mechanical issue with the vehicle and that both cars were speeding at the time of the incident.


Hibbs previously pleaded not guilty and was given a 10-month suspended jail sentence, 220 hours of community service, a two-year driving ban and approximately $5,250 in court costs.