Orange you glad you didn’t have to help clean up this mess?

Police in Seville, Spain, arrested five people last week after a high-speed chase led to the discovery of tons of stolen oranges that the crooks had packed into a couple of compact cars and a van.


Police said when they opened the door to the vehicles, hundreds of oranges spilled out. (Emergencias Sevilla)

Cops got suspicious when they saw three vehicles ahead make sharp turns down a dirt road, the Europa Press reports.

After a short pursuit, police managed to stop two of the vehicles. When they opened the rear door of a small sedan, hundreds of oranges spilled out.

The van was also packed with the fruit, while a search of the area turned up the third car nearby with even more.

The oranges were tracked back to a warehouse in the town of Carmona, which had reported the theft just hours before the incident.

Police said that nearly 9,000 pounds of the fruit was recovered and the investigation into the theft is ongoing.