Chinese car company Byton wants to put a tablet in your steering wheel

Electric car startup Byton plans to reinvent the wheel. The steering wheel that is.

The Chinese automaker, which hopes to sell its upcoming battery-powered vehicles in the United States as early as 2020, revealed concept cars last year that featured touchscreen interfaces embedded in the hubs of their steering wheels, and now it says it “plans to put a promise into action” at CES next week.

(Getty Images)

The announcement on its website is accompanied by an image of the wheel which is dwarfed by a full-width display spanning the dashboard of the vehicle behind it, proclaiming the setup to be the “world’s most intuitive automotive interface.”

More information is to come at Byton’s press conference in Las Vegas on Sunday, Jan. 6.

Byton says it is targeting a $45,000 price for its vehicles, which will have ranges over 300 miles per charge and Level 3 autonomous driving capability, which works in limited situations like highway cruising and stop and go traffic, along with the hardware to accommodate more robust Level 4 autonomy when the software is available to make it work.