China's future police car sees all

Well, this must be a ball to drive.

A Chinese automaker has developed a unique armored transport for police. The Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle features a dome-shaped passenger cabin fitted with hexagonal windows that offer an all-around, up and down view. reports that the glass and bodywork are resistant to handgun fire, smoke grenade launchers can be installed on the front fenders, and a gun port is embedded in the passenger door window.

Envisioned for use in riot control operations, not high speed pursuit, there’s a remote camera on the roof, and the vehicle has a top speed of just 50 mph with a range of 75 miles per charge.

It just made its debut at a security convention in Beijing last week, so it’s not in service yet, but there’s no doubt you’ll know if your local department picks one up.

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