It’s a little truck with a lotta miles on it.


Brian Murphy started a delivery business in the Chicago area in 2007 and has used the same Nissan Frontier pickup ever since, driving it one million miles along the way.

It’s a two-wheel-drive King Cab that still has its original four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission. Murphy said the clutch lasted over 800,000 miles, outliving the driver’s seat that he replaced at half a million miles.


The only other major work he’s had done was getting a new timing chain installed at 750,000 miles, even though it didn’t need one, and replacing radiator and alternator.

Perhaps more impressive, Murphy’s driving record has remained spotless as long as he’s had the truck.

The odometer stopped working at 999,999, but the trip odometer can be reset, allowing him to continue keeping track of the miles as he broke the million-mile mark this week.


Nissan has invited Murphy and his truck to an event being held in conjunction with the Chicago Auto Show, suggesting it may have some Frontier news to share.

The current Frontier has been on sale with only minor updates since 2004, making it the "oldest" new truck you can buy.


But while Murphy may have the record for putting the most miles on a Frontier, he’s got a way to go for the all-time mark held by Irv Gordon.

Gordon drove his Volvo P1800 S more than 3.2 million miles from the day he bought it in 1966 until he died in 2018.