Harley-Davidson designed five motorcycles for the upcoming Captain America movie and it is featuring one in a new exhibit at its museum.

The Milwaukee-based company's motorcycles have been featured in dozens of films, but the company says this is the first time it led the design process, creating five of the movie's World War II-era replica motorcycles.

Besides the motorcycle from "Captain America: The First Avenger," the exhibit also has some items, including a Captain America leather "rescue jacket," his signature "A'' helmet and a shield.

Last year Harley-Davidson started working with Marvel Studios to supply the motorcycles for the film, which traces Captain America's origins as a World War II-era Super Hero who rode a military motorcycle as a means of transportation.

Port Washington, Wis.-based Salvaggio Automotive Design modified the current Harley-Davidson Cross Bones model to resemble a 1942 WLA Army motorcycle. Harley-Davidson produced about 70,000 of the motorcycles during World War II.

Some other parts were recreated to make the motorcycles look as authentic as possible. However, the bikes had modern engineering to handle the stunts.

Three bikes were used for riding and stunts and two were used for a scene in which Captain America lifts a motorcycle over his head at a USO appearance. Two of the motorcycles will become part of the Harley-Davidson Museum's permanent collection.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" stars Chris Evans and Tommy Lee Jones and opens July 22. The Harley exhibit runs through Labor Day.