A 67-year-old British grandmother has found a way to stop speeding vehicles with nothing more than hot air.

Jean Brooks has become a local folk hero in Nottingham after she tired of cars and motorcycles zipping through her quiet neighborhood at double the 30 mph speed limit and literally took matters into her own hands.

Instead of calling the sheriff, she grabbed her hair dryer and started pointing it at the vehicles as they drove by, convincing them that it was a radar gun.

Brooks told the Nottingham Post that she got the idea from a friend who told her they had heard someone in France doing the same thing.

The effect was immediate, Brooks says, especially on the loud dirt bike and quad riders who were a particular nuisance.

“The first time the quad bikers came past showing off when I had my hair dryer out, I said to them, ‘Not a problem lads, I’ve got it all here,” she told The Sun.


“I’ve never seen them from that day to this, they didn’t know it was just a hair dryer that I’ve scared them off with.”

Her neighbors say they’ve seen overall speeds in the area drop, and one told The Sun that he plans to put up a fake speed camera on his street.

Brooks has had a few run-ins with unhappy motorist, but says she isn’t intimidated.

One tough-looking driver she says was passing by at around 45 mph stopped his car and got out to ask her ‘what are you doing?”

Broosk asked, "what this? My hair dryer?"

"He was clearly surprised and never said a word,” she said.