Black bear gets stuck in car and totals it

He was both smarter and dumber than the average bear.

A Connecticut woman couldn’t figure out what was going on last Friday when she looked outside of her house and noticed the lights were on in her Subaru Outback, and heard strange noises coming from it when she went out to investigate.

Linda Morad went inside and called 911, telling police that she thought there was a person in the vehicle. By then the horn was also beeping and she said she was really scared.

Police soon arrived and gave her the surprising news that a full-size black bear had somehow broken into the car and gotten itself locked inside.

(Canton PD)

An officer then quickly opened the door, and ran to the other side of the vehicle as the bear climbed out and scampered away, apparently unharmed.

The car didn’t fare as well.


Frightened by its perdicament, the bear had torn up the entire interior in its attempt to escape, leaving claw marks and droppings behind. Morad told WFSB news that her insurance company said the car was totaled.


As for why the bear wanted in so badly in the first place, Morad told WFSB that there was a single banana in the car, but also that she’d used it to bring garbage to the dump that day, so she figures the lingering odor from the trash might’ve smelled too good for the bear to pass up.

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