Biker crashes into car, lands standing on its roof

Spider-Man has some competition.

A Russian dashcam caught a motorcyclist running into the back of a moving car, flipping onto its roof and landing safely on his or her feet.

Dashcams are very popular among Russians, who use them to combat corrupt law enforcement officials and capture evidence of accidents, like this one.

The nearly incredible video posted to YouTube on Monday was shot near the city of Koroleva, according to a report on

In it, a sedan pulls into the passing lane just as a motorcycle approaching it at a much higher speed does the same.

The bike hits square into the rear of the car and flips forward in unison with its rider, who lands on two feet, sits as the vehicle slows down, and can be seen getting off safely when it comes to a stop at the end of the clip.

If it’s a fake, it’s a good one, but it’s pretty amazing, either way.