Bid on the incredible George Barris SuperVan in Scottsdale

Barrett-Jackson's upcoming Scottsdale, AZ, auction features the groovy Barris SuperVan, which came from the mind of car customizing legend George Barris. He even autographed the interior.

Passengers enter the SuperVan through the hinged windshield, and once inside they can party in style thanks to the roof-mounted disco ball. However, occupants can't get too wild because the massive side windows don't leave much room for privacy. Barris built the van around a 1966 Dodge Tradesman A-100 with a three-speed manual gearbox and a 318-cubic-inch V8.

Barris originally called the van the "The Love Machine," and it later had quite a Hollywood career. Its on-screen appearances included the '70s movie SuperVan, and a repainted version served as a Hill Valley Transit bus in Back to the Future II.

After his passing at age 89 last year, Barris' creation might see a further boost in value. Barrett-Jackson doesn't offer a price estimate for the SuperVan, but we can't wait to see what this groovy vehicle sells for with no reserve. Collectors already valued Barris' work before his death. For example, his 1960s Batmobile, which was likely Barris' most famous creation, went for $4.62 million at a Barrett-Jackson auction in 2013.


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