'Batman' pulled over by the police in viral video

Batman was busted!

At least that’s what it looked like in a video posted to Reddit this week showing a police car with its emergency lights on pulling over a replica of a Michael Keaton-era Batmobile in Brompton, Canada.

As the officer approaches the car, a man dressed in a full Caped Crusader costume hops out of its canopy top to meet her. They can’t be heard, but appear to have a short conversation before they return to their cars.

She with a selfie in hand, it turns out.

Stephen Lawrence, a man known locally as “The Brompton Batman” for his penchant to cruise around in costume, told Global News that he was concerned about some people following him in a car taking pictures and asked the officer for assistance when he pulled up next to her at a light. She escorted him for a short while, then pulled him over for the photo op.

A police spokesperson confirmed the events to Global News, and said that the department had no problem with it because it was an act of “building community relations.”

Factory worker by day, Lawrence, 42, is a mainstay in the area and often stops to assist stranded motorists and others in need, along with appearing at charity events, according to CTV News. When he was 17 he received a citation for helping to apprehend a credit card thief at a mall that had a federal warrant out for his arrest.

(Global News)

Lawrence bought the already-built car in 2015, which is a converted 1989 Chevrolet Caprice. He loves brightening people’s days when they see him, but doesn’t approve of the use of cellphones while driving.

“If you start to pace beside me, it means that both of us can be put in jeopardy if something were to happen,” he said.