A Canadian man knows that he’s lucky to be alive after an ax smashed through the window of his pickup and hit him in the head, but he doesn’t know exactly what happened.

Mackenzie Peddle told the CBC that he came to when he heard a woman tapping on the window of his truck, then saw the broken window and the ax sitting next to him.


(Mackenzie Peddle)

Dizziness and cuts above and below his right eye told the rest of the story, and he said the sunglasses he was wearing likely saved the eye itself, according to The Canadian Press.


(Mackenzie Peddle)

Peddle had been driving to his home in Saskatoon when the accident occurred. Somehow, he’d managed to pull the Ford F-Series to the side of the road, and still had his foot on the brake pedal when he woke up, but can’t remember how he did it.


(Mackenzie Peddle)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is investigating the incident and looking for witnesses who can help figure out where the ax came from.

Oddly, this is the second time ssomething like this has happened to Peddle.

About 10 years ago he was driving down a different road near Kenosha Lake when a piece of rebar fell off of a passing truck and speared straight through the driver’s side of his car, from the window, through the back seat and into the trunk, Peddle recounted to the CBC.


(Mackenzie Peddle)

Since then he’s said he gets nervous every time he hears a rock hit his vehicle.

"It's frustrating ... that people still don't tie down their loads, don't secure things in the back of their vehicles and are careless," Peddle said.