Australian military testing new special forces fighting machine

Mad Max could use one of these.

Australian special forces are testing the latest machine from British military contractor Supacat.

The REDFIN 1B is a custom version of the company’s High Mobility Transporter (HMT) Extenda that’s built on a modular platform that can be outfitted as either a 4x4 or 6x6 while accommodating a host of weapons systems, as well as mine and ballistic protection kits.

The HMT is typically fitted as an open top vehicle to make entry and exit easy for crews wearing bulky battle gear. A turret with high-caliber rifle mount is positioned behind the driver, who is situated above the front wheels.

Many of the details on the REDFIN are still top secret, but the HMT Extenda is typically powered by a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine, has a top speed of around 75 mph and can ford water over a meter deep. Despite its size, an air suspension allows the big truck to kneel down in order to squeeze into a Chinook-sized helicopter for quick response missions.

The Australian Defence Force will evaluate the REDFIN over the next few months to determine if any changes need to be made before putting it into production. Supacat says over 200 HMT-based vehicles are already in service around the world.

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