Arnold Schwarzenegger raffling off ride in his tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a world champion bodybuilder, box office star, California governor and scandal sheet cover boy, but at age 61 he has finally achieved his life-long dream:

He bought a tank.

Not just any tank, but a classic M47 Patton with an 810 hp V12 that weighs nearly 50 tons.

And he’s going to let one lucky fan drive it.

Not just drive it, mind you, but crush things with it. Something he apparently loves to do.

To raise money for the After-School All-Stars charity he supports, the Governator is raffling off a trip to LA to spend the day with him driving the tank, lifting weights and smoking cigars, whatever you’re up for.

In any event, he says that you’ll learn he is “as hardcore in real life as he is on screen, that you need to workout more, and how it feels to ride in a tank like a badass.”

For an actor, he doesn’t pull any punches, does he?

Tickets prices range from $5-$10 dollars, and Arnold is matching donations dollar for dollar.

The contest ends Friday at midnight, so if your life-long dream is to play commando with the original Commando, now is probably your only chance.