Ariel Nomad brings back the dune buggy

The dune buggy is back, with a British accent.

The Ariel Motor Company has unveiled its new Nomad off-road racer that goes on sale next year.

The stripped-down speedster features a steel ladder frame with full roll cage, long-travel suspension and weighs just 1,500 pounds. It’s powered by a 2.4-liter Honda four cylinder with about 200 hp, according to Autocar, that should be more than enough to make it one quick machine, in the spirit of the company’s lightweight Atom track car.

The rear-wheel-drive rig was designed with rallying and high-speed runs through the desert in mind, but is being develop for on road use, as well.

U.S. sales have not yet been confirmed, but pricing is expected to be under $50,000 and full details will be revealed on January 6th.